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EZ Cover Temporary Concrete Protection (4 ft wide x 50 ft long)

Two unique advantages this interior concrete protection and floor protection blanket has over other floor protection fabric are spill absorption and great impact resistance. EZ Cover’s ability to breathe, allowing green concrete to continue to cure and harden is definitely one of its greatest assets. EZ Cover is a durable, breathable, surface protection cover that can be used on virtually any interior slab requiring protection including concrete and cement.

EZ Cover is a natural-colored cellulose product designed to help protect colored or gray slabs, or other flooring material during the construction process. Roll size 4 ft wide x 50 ft long (200 sq ft) 40lbs/roll Note: You can cut down your roll of EZ cover if needed in thinner widths.

We can ship individual rolls of EZ Cover from our warehouse via UPS, and can ship larger quantities direct from the manufacturer via freight. CALL US FOR FREIGHT QUOTES AND DIRECT SHIPPING OPPORTUNITIES

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Protect your new interior slab by applying the EZ Cover® protective blanket (patent pending) after the concrete surface has dried. EZ Cover’s durable top layer helps shield against contaminants and potential impact hazards and the soft bottom layer helps prevent surface scratches, while allowing the slab to breathe and harden during the construction process.  Builders Site Protection distributes EZ Cover nationally from warehouses throughout the country.  Call us for a freight estimate in your area.


Test results show a 24”, 15 lb pipe wrench dropping from a height of 10’ resulted in no damage to concrete protected with EZ Cover. In another test, a 2”, 20 lb steel pipe dropped from 20’ resulted in minimal impact damage to the surface protected with EZ Cover. No other product protects finished concrete formwork like EZ Cover


Features and benefits of EZ Cover:

  • Helps protect large colored and gray slabs as well as marble, hardwood, & terrazzo flooring 
  • Simple installation: rolls out where needed High friction coefficient keeps blanket in place 
  • Lightweight, moveable & reusable with proper care 
  • Helps prevent surface scratches, contaminants and potential impact hazards 
  • Disposable, biodegradable and landfill friendly

Here is a review of tests done on EZ Cover and the results http://www.mctechgroup.com/Slab-Protection.pdf

We now stock EZ Cover in our warehouse, and can ship it same-day via UPS. Pallet discounts available on 32 rolls or more.

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