plastic for construction 4 mil

Plastic Sheeting (10 ft wide x 100 ft long) 4 mil.

Plastic Sheeting Fire Resistant (10 ft wide x 100 ft long) 6 mil.

Fire-resistant plastic sheeting 10' wide x 100' long. Certified as flame resistant by the CA State Fire Marshall. Registration number #F-32500. Great for hospital renovations and other projects that require fire-resistant products. 6 mils thick

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This is high quality, fire resistant, thick 6.0 mil heavy duty plastic sheeting that can be used for a variety of surface protection purposes.  This product has been approved by the CA State Fire Marshall as being a registered flame resistant product. Meets the requirements of the State Fire Marshall for interior flame retardant materials and has been registered accordingly, #F-32500.

Fire-resistant plastic sheeting 10' x 100' is a milky translucent polyethyene film that makes an excellent covering or enclosure film for many applications. The flame resistant standard makes it great for hospital construction and renovation products.  

Made in the USA

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