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Carpet Film 36" wide x 200 ft long

Commercial carpet protection

Carpet Film 36" wide x 500 ft long

Carpet Film 32" wide x 200 ft long (for hallways and stairs)

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Regular Wound Carpet Film acts as a protective mask against paint spills and dirt. It can be used on entire rooms or in high traffic areas as a protective runner. Regular wound for easy installation on carpeted stairs.  Easy to use and cost effective surface protection for short term use up to 35 days. Our film is 32" wide compared to competitor's produts that are only 30" wide! Each 32" wide x 200 ft. long covers 533 sq. ft.

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Regular wound film designed for easy installation on carpeted stairs!  Manufactured from high quality 3.0 mil clear plastic with a state of the art high quality adhesive system, our Carpet Film (also known as Carpet Mask or Carpet Tape) will keep your carpets clean! Eliminate the time and costs associated with carpet cleaning!


  • The clear polyethylene Carpet Mask is reverse wound on the roll for fast and easy installation 
  •  Clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer 
  •  Carpet Protection Film demonstrates amazing strength and durability, once adhered 
  •  Designed to save you time and money
  •  Carpet Protection Film is specifically designed for jobs up to 35 days


Don't be fooled by inferior lower cost films.  Our carpet film has superior puncture resistance and can even hold up to high heels during open houses or social events.


In this video Pat Mullen, owner of Builders Site Protection, shows you how quickly and easily carpet film can be applied. 

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