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Zipwall Poles (Two 12 ft with parts)

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Quick Overview

Zipwall® Poles includes 2 sets of parts with 12 ft aluminum poles.



ZipWall® is an award-winning barrier system. It has been honored by the press and hailed by builders, painters, carpenters, floor refinishers, demolition workers, restoration companies, and do-it-yourselfers as a simple and effective method of controlling dust by isolating the worksite from other areas. The patented ZipWall® spring loaded barrier system consists of telescoping twist lock ZipWall® poles available in both twelve and twenty foot lengths. The system locks the screening material (ordinary plastic sheeting, light canvas tarp or drop cloth) firmly against the ceiling, creating a virtually airtight barrier. Once in place, just lift and tuck the screening material under the pole to create a tight barrier from top to bottom.


In just a few minutes, four lightweight poles and a plastic sheeting create the next best thing to a true hermetically sealed work area, so sawdust and plaster dust don't have a chance to infiltrate the rest of the house. To assemble, twist the telescoping poles to height — up to 12 feet using the standard poles, then pump the jacks at the top to pull the plastic sheeting taut between floor and ceiling. The standard poles collapse down to 5 ft when not in use. One caveat: Be sure to leave an opening for ventilation.


  • Quick installation
  • Seals work area
  • Saves Time
  • Creates a dust free barrier


Zippers are used to create custom sized openings in any plastic.  Zippers are double sided for entry and exit from either side.  Foam rails create a tight tapeless seal along ceiling and walls. Don't be fooled by lower cost knock-off poles and parts.  Zipwall is the leader is dust containment products.

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