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Swift Wrap™

Swift Wrap provides temporary handrail protection and is professional looking and easy to use. No more unsightly masking tape or long labor hours taping wrap to handrails. Swift Wrap protects an entire guardrail system in minutes, including balustrades and spindles!

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  1. Swift Wrap™ Handrail Protection (12 in. wide x 300 ft. long)

    Swift Wrap™ is the easiest way to protect your damage prone guardrail system.  Easily wraps both handrails and ballastrades without ever touching the wood.   It features a cushion of 3/16th inch air bubbles to prevent impact damage. It is perforated every 12" for easy installation - no scissors or tape needed! Sticks to itself, not your handrails. 12" wide x 300 ft. long.

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